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Kanjivaram sarees – Choose your perfect silk sarees and enrich your wardrbe

Silk is a luxury material and ninety seven percent of raw mulberry silk produced in India is from states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Kashmir and Tamil Nadu. A majority of silk is produced in Mysore and North Bangalore, so they are also known as ‘silk city’. Kanjivaram silk sarees are very famous among all women. Be it India or worldwide, kanjivaram  sarees have no comparison of its looks and class. They look unique and genuine when draped around. There are many kinds of silk sarees  and some of the popular silk sarees which are favourite of women include Assam silk, Mysore silk, Kanjivaram sarees, Banarasi, Katan, Tanchoi and Karachi. The three varieties of Assam silk produced in Assam include golden Muga, white Pat and warm Eri silk. All of the kanchipuram silk sarees look beautiful on women. Kanchipuram is  a place located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Kanjivaram sarees consists of intricate weaving patterns and stands out because of its supreme quality. Kanjivaram silk sarees are large and heavy with zari work on them. It is highly attractive and people from abroad are highly enthusiastic about it and come a long way to buy these in India. Most of the Kanchipuram silk sarees are hand woven with help of workers in weaving units and this gives employment to large number of people over 5000 families in silk weaving. Isn’t this amazing? Check here kanjivaramsilks.com

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Now, talking about Banarasi sari, it is made in Banaras or also called as Varanasi. These are finest in appearance and are famous as they have gold or silver broacade/zari on them. With opulent embroidery, this fine silk saree are relatively heavy because of the engravings and intricate designs. These comprise of Mughal inspired designs with floral and kalga, bel, string of leaves called jhallar, etc. Other designs are of gold work, small details, compact weaving, visual metallic effects, net like pattern and mina work.

Kanjivaram sarees consist of excellent designs and work and therefore it takes time to get completed after ordering. It takes upto 6 months when there is a beautiful work to be executed. These kanjivaramsilks: e-shopping for silk sarees are common among women and they prefer it to wear in special occasions, functions and weddings. These have distinguishing characteristics and kanjivaram brocade produce two sub-variants namely Katan and Tanchoi. Katan is basically a thread which is prepared by twisting different number of silk filaments providing a firm structure. It is available in different types like Katan butidar, Katan butidar mina, Katan Butidar paga saree, katan brocade, Jangla and Katan Katrawan Mina. Tanchoi is lighter and softer silk which is classified further as satan jarit anchoi, satan jari katrawan tanchoi, atlas and mushabar. Karachi silk consists of contemporary designs and motifs. It is also known as jamawar weaving technique that produces Karachi silk and it is defined as loon embroidery or embroidery weaving. It is done for rich silk threads. These are varieties of silk discussed above and these are used to produce different kinds of silk sarees. In the market, there is a wide range of prices for silk sarees, from low, medium, high to very high prices. So, women preferring various kinds and at definite price range can find those easily in the market.